Best Israel Football Players

While Israel doesn’t necessarily strike many people as being a top footballing nation, you will be surprised at how many fantastic players the region is able to pump out. Just about every major league will have at least one player from Israel playing there. On this page, we are going to look at some of the best Israeli football players, past and present.


Avi Cohen

Despite being Israeli, Avi Cohen played for the Scottish international team. However, he never denied his Israeli roots. While in the United Kingdom, he also played for Liverpool, one of the largest football teams in the world.

In Israel, he played for Maccabi Tel Aviv. Avi developed a reputation away from the sport. After retirement, he went on to start in ‘Dancing with the Stars’, the Israeli version, at least. This was in 2008. Sadly, in 2010, he lost his life in a motorcycle accident.

Beram Kayal

He started his career in the United Kingdom playing for Scottish side, Celtic. However, just a few short years later he was playing in the Championship for promotion chasing team, Brighton & Hove Albion. Here he has managed 70 appearances in a little over a year. The three goals that he has scored has instantly catapulted him to one of the most-loved team members.

Omer Damari

This Israeli almost went to Celtic, a club which seems to attract a number of Israeli players, however for some reason it never happened. Instead, he plays for Wien in the Austrian Bundesliga. That being said, he is regarded as one of the best strikers from Israel at the moment. When he played in the Israeli leagues, he managed to hammer in 69 goals in the span of 3 years.

Bibras Natkho

Playing for CSKA Moscow, Bibras Natkho is regarded as one of their best players in the history. This is really saying something considering CSKA Moscow are by far one of the best teams in the Russian leagues at the moment. He has been banging in hat tricks galore for the team. He even managed to net a few goals in the Champions League, before being knocked out by Bayern Munich so a lot of fans really love him. He then headed to the Europa League where he was able to pump in even more goals, which isn’t too bad! Bibras Natkho is for sure one of the best israel football players in history.

Rami Gershon and Kenny Sayef

This is another Israeli who played for Celtic, although he ended up in the Belgian leagues. In the same leagues, you will find Kenny Sayef. While Kenny spent most of his career in Israel, he does qualify to play for the American national team. As a result, there were a number of rumors that his performances were attracting a great deal of praise from the head honchos for the American national team. Nothing has materialized as of yet, but based on the way he is playing right now, it is only a short amount of time before he gets the national duty that he deserves.

Tomer Hemed

This is another Brighton player. While he has been all over Europe, he has still managed to attract attention from the Israeli national team where he was able to score a few goals. Many people belive that he is Top10 israel football players.